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Rehabilitation Services 

We provide care that is designed to enhance and support the independence of our patients. Regardless of the type of therapy needed, Affirmation’s care is customized to suit the unique needs of every individual we serve. Our therapists treat, support, care for and enable patients to meet their health and lifestyle goals, control their diagnosis and live their life independently and to the fullest extent.

Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapy  

If you are having difficulty moving around your home or have had falls due to pain, illness, injury or surgery, home health physical therapy should be part of your care plan.

Our physical therapists and physical therapist assistants will work with you to help decrease pain, restore and improve your mobility, increase at-home safety, and help you move with greater ease in the comfort of your home - all to maximize and support your independence.

Occupational Therapy


Affirmation's occupational therapists and therapist assistants will help return your independence with activities of daily living, like bathing, dressing, grooming, eating and household chores. They will also teach you how to use special equipment, if needed, and make modifications in your home to reduce your risk of falling.
Speech Therapy
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Speech Therapy  

Affirmation's speech therapists help people with speech, language, and communication disorders, including difficulty with chewing, swallowing, and thinking skills.

Speech therapists evaluate and treat problems that result from stroke, traumatic brain injury, neurological impairment, voice disorder, disease, and/or developmental disorder.

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