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 Home Health Care

Inspiring confidence for better living.

We recognize that every patient is different, and every patient's needs are too. Our team understands that part of caring for someone is understanding them personally and taking the time to find out what’s most important to them.


Our clinicians will provide care and support to help you manage your condition, regain confidence and maintain your independence. We're here to help you – or your loved one – get back to doing the things you love.

Our Services

Our highly trained staff of nurses and therapists develop an individualized plan of care that includes the services you will need to improve and maintain your physical, mental, and social well-being.

Home visits allow you to be home close to family and friends, enhancing recovery and allowing you to be as independent as possible in the most comfortable environment.

When transitioning out of the hospital or a nursing facility, or recovering from illness or injury, our experienced nurses will be there to help you with your recovery process, every step of the way.

Home health physical therapy may be part of your care plan if you are having difficulty moving around your home or have had falls due to pain, illness, injury, or surgery. Our at-home physical therapists and physical therapist assistants help to decrease your pain and help you move with greater ease in the comfort of your home.

When you are recovering from an injury or illness, returning to daily activities that were once routine can seem overwhelming or even impossible. That’s where our occupational therapists can make a big difference and help you return to the life you love.

Affirmation's speech therapists can help with speech and communication issues, cognition and memory problems, and with eating and swallowing difficulties.

Affirmation's medical social workers are available to be an advocate for you or your loved one's needs. They can help to coordinate your care, provide counseling, and can connect you to local resources that are available in the community.

Affirmation's home health aides work toward the goal of helping you or your loved one be as independent as possible by helping you with daily activities, such as self-care.

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Find Support  Today

Maintain Your Independence

Through clinical management, thorough assessments, and detail-oriented care, our team of compassionate caregivers provide holistic and person-centered support to empower individuals to live their best lives within their homes - wherever home may be.

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